Big picture visioning +
Step-by-step action.

I’ll help you finally achieve the dreams you have sitting on your heart and make a profit doing it!

Here’s what I know about you already

You’re a whip-smart woman,

who has been feeling for some time that there has got to be so much more to life than this.

It’s not that things are falling apart. In fact, your life actually looks pretty good on paper. You’re respected in your field and you have a wonderful family and friends. But you get this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach any time you’re brave enough to consider how you feel living it.

Life has lost its spark, its sense of wonder, its va-va-voom, hasn’t it?

You know what the problem is with intelligent, conscientious women?

We get stuck in our heads, which interject every time we try to listen to our intuition. We care WAY TOO MUCH about what other people think of us and get stuck in people pleasing mode. We put everyone else’s needs above our own.

Our hopes, our dreams, our passion, our purpose...

Notice how they get relegated to the bottom of our to-do lists?

You’ve landed here for a reason

It’s because you’re energetically ready.

Ready to finally give yourself permission to prioritise crafting the life YOU WANT to live – not the one you think your family, partner, society or your limiting beliefs want for you.

The one that sends a shiver up your spine and butterflies racing through your chest in the best possible way.

What I offer:

I offer a deeply personalised, high touch coaching process, which gets to the heart of your passions and purpose, the areas of your life that are blocking your flow, maps out your intentions and aspirations and then once you’re ready we build a plan for an aligned and profitable business around what we have discovered about who you are.

Find out how the SheQi process can help YOU

My clients fall in one of three categories.

Click on the one which best describes you and discover how the process will change your life.

I want to work for myself and have a more meaningful career.

I just don’t know what kind of business is right for me to start.

I think I know what kind of business I want to run.

I want to confirm I’m on the right path & get help making it happen.

I have a business that just isn’t working. I’m not enjoying it and/or it’s not profitable!

How do I pivot towards something more aligned to me?