“Michelle opened my eyes to the importance of understanding who you are and your purpose in life. On my first encounter with Michelle she asked me a question, which no one had ever asked and that I myself had never thought of, and half way through our mentorship I learnt how great of an impact that area on my life truly has on me. Michelle is a thought provoking woman and I value the personal and professional development she was able to provide me.”

— Charlene Matthews, The Aspiring Dietitian: Nutritionist and Content Writer

“Michelle is connected to nature and creativity and she uses her insight to tune into what people need and is able to provide the necessary product to suit peoples needs. She is an astute business woman and grounded in her own deeper spirituality. I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle.”

— Dawn Mead, Psychotherapist & Energy Healing Practitioner, Brisbane

“Michelle is a professional operator who makes sure that she fully understands the needs of her client so that she can deliver on their business needs. She works collaboratively to provide a comprehensive solution; her work is thoroughly researched, detailed and well presented. I highly recommend Michelle.”

— Robyn Kronenburg, Experienced Education Leader, Tasmania

“I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle. She has terrific drive and passion that is contagious and brilliant to work with. She is very reliable and her combination of innovation and creativity make her a valuable asset to any business. Michelle has a clear view of the customers position and can effectively market to, and build enduring relationships with them. She is one of those people who will natural succeed in every venture she undertakes.”

— Brendan Penwarden, Health Masters Live

“Michelle is very special. Michelle has qualities that can be found in the left brain, like detail oriented, words and language, reality based, order/pattern perception, practical and forms strategies.

On the other hand she has qualities that are considered to be right brain, like big picture oriented, imagination, present and future, symbols and images, believes. She knows the object or function and she presents possibilities.

When Michelle works with clients she not only provides a plan for you, but also the small steps towards the end goal. She includes various foundations in her plan, like food, body health, financial and spiritual growth.”

— Louky de Lange, Health Psychologist & International Speaker, Amsterdam

“Mich is one of those special and rare individuals who is both intelligent and has a great personality … always up-beat and like a ray of sunshine. She is disciplined enough to be always timely on tasks, and has a powerful intellect so she can apply best practise frameworks to real world organisational situations looking for improved outcomes. I highly recommend her to you!”

— James Calopio, Co-founder and Director at Cultural Cyber Security Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia

Is this you?

I want to work for myself and have a more meaningful career.

I just don’t know what kind of business is right for me to start.

I think I know what kind of business I want to run.

I want to confirm I’m on the right path & get help making it happen.

I have a business that just isn’t working. I’m not enjoying it and/or it’s not profitable!

How do I pivot towards something more aligned to me?