SheQi – Find your Flow
An online guided-mentoring program for current and want-to-be business owners.





This 8-week intensive online course is designed to help you to:


1. Find meaning and flow in your life and business

2. Identify your talents, traits, transferable skills and your entrepreneurial strengths

3. Strategically and sustainably commercialise and profit from what you are passionate about

4. Structure your life and your business in a way that supports and nourishes you

5. Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be




The SheQi process is not just a generic business plan template for you to complete on your own. I step you through each section personally and tailor both the delivery structure and the end result (business strategy) to who you are at the core of you – your essence . At the centre of your business is you.  Everything about you becomes your business.   When we understand specifically who we are, only then do we know then how it is best for you to go to market and how to stay in the market, long term, as well as what business structure will best support you, nourish your soul, feed your family and help you meet your personal and business aspirations. 








MARCH 3, 2020 – CLOSING SOON (only two spots left)


JULY 7, 2020 – REGISTRATIONS OPEN (or until sold out)


AUGUST 4, 2020 – REGISTRATIONS OPEN (or until sold out)


OCTOBER 6, 2020 – REGISTRATIONS OPEN (or until sold out)



For registrations and further information, please contact us on info (at)