So what is?   SheQi
She      = Female/Feminine.
Qi (Key) = Energy/ Vital Force/Flow.

She = Female/Feminine.
Qi (Key) = Energy/ Vital Force/Flow.

SheQi is the energy that effortlessly flows through women when we are inspired and energised, when we are truly connected to who we are and are living in alignment with our passion and purpose.
I’ll be honest though, my life didn’t always feel in flow.
You are so not alone if you looked at the meaning behind SheQi and felt it is the opposite of what you’re feeling right now.
I get it! Sadly, it’s ridiculously common among intelligent, driven, ambitious women. We can get stuck in our own heads and our ‘to do’ lists for so long that we feel disconnected from the life we‘re leading. But I now know it doesn’t have to be the end of MY story OR yours.
I spent decades feeling like I was floating around, anchor-less. I always thought I wanted the stereotypical perfect life with the husband and the kids. The love of my life came along, but unfortunately, the kid thing just never happened for us. I spent years trying to fill the void. I found myself hopping from job to job looking for fulfillment, only to find I wasn’t truly passionate about any of them. One day I realised my dream of being a mum and having kids was never going to happen for me and I needed to go back to the drawing board to reinvent what I wanted the next stage of my life to look like.
Has the moment happened for you yet?
The one where you realise that the life you always thought you wanted and strived for isn’t your authentic path anymore? That you’re sick of constantly pushing and grinding for something that isn’t coming naturally? That you’re sick of settling with being out of alignment and unmotivated with life?
I quit my well paying job in corporate strategy and went on an inward journey of self-discovery to figure out what my gifts, strengths, passions and purpose were that I felt inspired to offer the world, so that I could make something worthwhile of my life. Through using myself as my own case study I created the SheQi process, which I knew I had to share with the world because it truly changed my life for the better.
My mission is to…
create a movement of women who are inspired and energised, and who are in the abundant flow of life, so we can make positive change in the world together.
Imagine the feeling of internal drive manifesting from a place of pure joy and fulfillment. You feel a world of possibilities waiting for you and it’s like you wake up every day and experience a breath of fresh air for the first time in a long time.
The     Process
The SheQi process works because not only do we dive deep into who you really are at the core for your being but we also do the big picture visioning to clarify your aspirations. We then map out each step you need to take into small bite-sized pieces so your aspirations become achievable and not overwhelming.

Each step gives you more momentum and confidence, so you can finally take action and achieve real results in both your personal life and business. This creates a ripple effect of positivity through your entire life and the lives of those you impact.

My Background
I have a diverse background in business and wellness, which means that I bring a holistic perspective and a wealth of knowledge and experience to all the work that I do with clients.
Business Background:
I hold an Executive Master of Business Administration and have spent the last 30 years working in a range of areas such as senior leadership, strategy, business development, brand and marketing management, training, new product development, retail sales and merchandising.
Wellness Background:
I hold a Bachelor of Health Science and am a qualified nutritionist, a certified medical intuitive, reiki master, crystal healer and genome stem cell healer. I have spoken around Australia about health and wellbeing and am a regular columnist in various print and digital media publications.
Fun Facts About Me
I love food and have a knack for making tasty meals from the most random ingredients!
I’m a romantic at heart and a huge Nicholas Sparkes fan!
I’m fascinated with everything woo woo — energy medicine, the afterlife and psychology of self.
I can’t sit still. I always have a project of some kind on the go. I never stop creating!
Is this you?
I want to work for myself and have a more meaningful career.
I just don’t know what kind of business is right for me to start.
I think I know what kind of business I want to run.
I want to confirm I’m on the right path & get help making it happen.
I have a business that just isn’t working. I’m not enjoying it and/or it’s not profitable!
How do I pivot towards something more aligned to me?
How much SheQi Flow do you have?
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